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The Magpie Eye : Mark Hearld

21st September 2021|

Mark Hearld is the busy, polygamous artist and maker whom I've long wanted to meet. He has made multiple marriages, to print-making and collage, drawing and painting, lino-cutting, ceramics, wallpaper and textile design, cut-outs and collecting,...

Bridie Hall ‘At Home.’

27th December 2020|

Bridie Hall, artist-designer and co-founder of the amazing shop and homestore, Pentreath and Hall,  was born in New Zealand and ran away to seek her fortune in London twenty years ago, on finishing art school....

Charleston Farmhouse needs you.

12th August 2020|

The French call the little, personal and inconsequential anecdotes that are most revealing of life, les petites histoires. Charleston Farmhouse is full of them, signposts and memoranda of the lives of the illustrious, clever Bloomsbury Group...

the bobt: a trip to the archives

8th April 2020|

To mark April's Renaissance, the bibleofbritishtaste presents new stories and themes. Some are being commissioned from generous and talented friends. But these are not them. Today's story is an amuse gueule from its archives of thousands...

Mr. Dodd at home, 2 : Country.

3rd October 2013|

Local children nicknamed this seventeenth century folly 'Mustard-pot Hall.' It stands on the edge of a field in south-eastern England. ALAN DODD has lived here since the 1980s. I was a guest here one weekend about...

Sue and David Gentleman.

21st January 2013|

The artist David Gentleman and his wife Sue have lived in the same north London house, in the hinterland  between Camden Market and Regent's Park, since 1971. I have never seen it untidy, it is always...

Sir Jonathan Miller, artworks.

14th October 2012|

Jonathan Miller has shown his formalist, Modernist sculptures at Flowers East, the Boundary Gallery and Danny Katz's Gallery in the West End of London. Jonathan Miller, Portrait of the Artist At Home, 2012 (homage to...

Mr. Dodd at home, 1 : London.

21st March 2012|

ALAN DODD was born in Kent in 1942. He attended Ashford Grammar School, Maidstone College of Art (where David Hockney was one of his teachers) and then the Painting School at the Royal Academy. By the...


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