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October 14th, 2012

Jonathan Miller has shown his formalist, Modernist sculptures at Flowers East, the Boundary Gallery and Danny Katz’s Gallery in the West End of London.

Jonathan Miller, Portrait of the Artist At Home, 2012 (homage to René Magritte).












Jonathan Miller, ‘White Relief.’

Jonathan Miller is a theatre and opera director, sculptor, writer, satirist and medical doctor. Anthony Caro is a friend and Miller admires the work of Auerbach and the sculptor Richard Serra, rates Braque and Mondrian highly, and Ben Nicholson, who influenced his ‘White Relief’ hanging in the kitchen. He compares the great waves of Modernism which rolled across the rest of Continental Europe, Cubism, Russian Constructivism and Czech Constructivism, with England, where, ‘ they went on painting pretty still lifes of silver ware and flowers, then there were some who made stockbroker Surrealism…’

Jonathan Miller, artist’s hand and sculpture, 2012


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4 responses to “Sir Jonathan Miller, artworks.”

  1. Stella says:

    Cool. It is amazing photography . I like the artworks too.

  2. I think Jonathan’s artworks reflect his other interests very closely. Though at first glance their arrangement appear visually complete and satisfying, you become hooked on the many angles, circles, projections and layers that seem to share a connection, expressing a much bigger picture. Like multi-layered concepts, demanding more than a moments pondering and leaving you with lots to think about. I like them very much.

  3. Sam Bell says:

    I’ve admired Jonathan’s art work for a long time, and regretted that he once spoke of abandoning art practice because of the difficulty of seling.
    Should he like to offer some of his work for sale at my ‘Art Trek’ open studios event in May, here in Devon, I would be happy to hear from him.

  4. Mike Fuller says:

    I think his artwork and sculptures have integrity to them.

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