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the bobt: a trip to the archives

8th April 2020|

To mark April's Renaissance, the bibleofbritishtaste presents new stories and themes. Some are being commissioned from generous and talented friends. But these are not them. Today's story is an amuse gueule from its archives of thousands...

Dark Satanic Mills.

15th March 2013|

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For my taste, these twin cranes or derricks at Battersea Power Station are the only public art worth pausing for from here to Tate Modern. But they won't...

At Boleigh Farm.

19th November 2012|

Deryck and David Eddy and their mother Marion live at Boleigh Farm, where they have been looking after the dairy herd since they were schoolboys.     A little way along the road is a stone...

A Farewell to Hanham Court.

17th September 2012|

Julian and Isabel Bannerman, Ismay, Rex and Bertie don’t live at Hanham Court any more. When they gave their farewell party last summer the gardens for which they and Hanham have become justly famous were at...


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