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The Magpie Eye : Mark Hearld

21st September 2021|

Mark Hearld is the busy, polygamous artist and maker whom I've long wanted to meet. He has made multiple marriages, to print-making and collage, drawing and painting, lino-cutting, ceramics, wallpaper and textile design, cut-outs and collecting,...

Charleston Farmhouse needs you.

12th August 2020|

The French call the little, personal and inconsequential anecdotes that are most revealing of life, les petites histoires. Charleston Farmhouse is full of them, signposts and memoranda of the lives of the illustrious, clever Bloomsbury Group...

the bobt: a trip to the archives

8th April 2020|

To mark April's Renaissance, the bibleofbritishtaste presents new stories and themes. Some are being commissioned from generous and talented friends. But these are not them. Today's story is an amuse gueule from its archives of thousands...


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