Deryck and David Eddy and their mother Marion live at Boleigh Farm, where they have been looking after the dairy herd since they were schoolboys.



A little way along the road is a stone circle once called  Dans Maen ( Stone Dance) in Cornish and now known as the Merry Maidens, from a story of nineteen girls who were petrified to punish them for dancing on a Sunday. The pipers who played for them are  two menhirs of the same name seen here on the fields of Boleigh Farm.

The legend probably originated in the early Christian church, and was made up to discredit the local relics of paganism.











Deryck and David Eddy milk their herd of 90 cows twice a day, getting about 400 gallons of milk from them. Their father was able to support his family with 16 cows and pay a cowman to help out, but now that milk prices are kept dysfunctionally low by pressure from the supermarkets, profits are almost non-existent, and they do everything themselves.

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