John and Julia de Pauley and their two daughters live in Bridport, a market town next to the west Dorset coast. These photographs were taken on a broiling day towards the end of last summer.

The paper chains and other paper art are made by Julia

In some rooms everything is abiding under a very strict and beautiful aesthetic of control,

and in others, it isn’t, things have been slightly relaxed

John’s late mother collected the Staffordshire ceramic figures.

Julia has the quality attributed to the painter John Piper by John Betjeman, a ‘seeing eye’ that finds and makes beautiful arrangements out of the everyday and ordinary.

Washing was drying in the kitchen

and outside in the back garden.

John is a stone mason, carver  and sculptor :     making  contemporary sculpture and landscape pieces for modern and historic gardens. His latest commission is a large scale pavement map of Britain for the main entrance of Durham University Campus, created in consultation with the university’s Department of Earth Sciences. Based on the 1815 original by  William Smith, the geological strata of Britain will be mapped in representative rock types. It is being made at his studio in a former barn at Browns Farm, Nettlecombe in Dorset.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Julia Rapson de Pauley is a fine artist, curator and shophound. More soon.

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