SOLD. Prue Piper (nee MacKillop) has been making ceramics with a pre-industrial or folkloric theme in her home-studio near Frome for more than 30 years. She married Edward Piper (1938- 1990) eldest son of the neo-Romantic painter John Piper and the critic and librettist Myfanwy Piper in 1961, soon after he graduated from the Slade School of Art, and just as she was embarking on her  doctorate in Biochemisty. Being highly practical Prue learned to pot at classes in Frome and then taught herself the rest. Equipped with the (now defunct) kiln from John Piper’s Fawley Bottom studio, she invented Staffordshire-style figurines of the Celtic deity Cernunnos, redolent of John Piper’s Foliate Head prints and tapestries that also referenced the ‘Green Man’ found in the architecture of medieval church buildings.

This little vividly glazed harlequin jug incorporates a tiny, strange human face, like a little medieval gargoyle, at the base of the handle  Approx. 10 cm high. Offered for sale by the artist via at £70.00 plus p and p charged at cost.

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