‘Festival of Britain, 1951.’ A vividly coloured needlework map of Great Britain mounted on board, featuring Scotsman with bagpipes, a Welsh Harpist, A Cornish fisherman smoking, a mermaid and other jollities. The festival was a national exhibition held in Britain in the summer of 1951; it was organised by the government to give Britons a feeling of recovery in the aftermath of war and to promote the British contribution to science, technology, industrial design, architecture and the arts.

One of the national newspapers had the idea of giving away a free sampler pattern to its readers, a map of Britain designed all over with emblems and symbols of national products, local characters, famous landmarks etc. Many of these were worked up in bright embroidery silks and frames. This example has been stitch mounted onto cardboard by the original maker. 24 x 36 cm.

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