Edward Piper ( (1938- 1990) eldest son of the neo-Romantic painter John Piper and the critic and librettist Myfanwy Piper) was a painter and photographer. As well as his highly distinctive and idiosyncratic black and white landscape and architectural images taken for the Shell County Guides he made hundreds of paintings and photographs of the female nude, In 2000 Prue Piper published this  monograph of her late husband’s experimental art photography, Nudes by Edward Piper, in a limited edition of only 1000 copies designed printed at The Dovecot Press.

Prue was his favourite model, others were ‘friends of ours, or local girls who liked to show off,’ she says.

A limited number of these beautifully printed books, signed and numbered by Prue Piper are available for sale via bibleofbritishtaste.com, price £20.00 plus £5 p and p. (My copy is numbered 378).

TO BUY contact Prue Piper:  pruepiper@btinternet.com